Command line and scripts PHP Best practices

Use a "Console" component



Need to run a PHP script from the command line? Do not execute your PHP files directly. Instead, consider using a "Console" component.


What you should NOT do:

You should avoid accessing scripts by running them directly from the PHP CLI:



// Your PHP script that you run by typing "php my_script.php"

Most developers know they should use a MVC framework with a router component instead of directly accessing PHP files from the web. When working with scripts triggered from the command line (or from a CRON task), the same rule applies!

So instead, rather than directly accessing your scripts using php my_script.php, you should consider using a console component from one of the major frameworks out there.

Why? Because:

  • You will write object oriented scripts
  • You will get a nice interface to access the command line, including utility functions to:
    • manage options
    • automatically document your script
    • colorize your output

Here are a few console components out there:

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